Radio Control Systems for Electric Hoists: It pays to use someone experienced to solve your lifting problems


Here's a recent  interesting anecdote that made us all smile with amazement...

We manufactured two GIS electric chain hoists and fitted radio control systems to them to help the client in operation. We also fortunately fitted an auxiliary unit which allows a pendant hand control station to be used instead of the radio unit- perhaps if the batteries were flat. We always do this as standard with any radio control system we supply (belt and braces).

Our customer reported that on site one of these hoists worked perfectly with the radio control, the other one worked fine with the hoist end cover off but when the cover was refitted the radio control stopped working. This was the first time we have seen this problem, so we checked this out a few times and then found a problem that made us think. The end cover has a wiring diagram on the inside of the cover held by a small blob of glue, the diagram was removed leaving the glue blob which was contacting the relay on the radio control system switching it off. It took us a while but we found it in the end…. So much for over 200 man years of lifting experience. Just goes to show you never stop learning!


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  • John Jones