Demo area for Ableforge equipment


The past few weeks have been crazy-busy at LTM following on from the launch of our range of Ableforge manual lifting products at LiftEx 2011. We've been getting so many enquiries from people wanting to try out the products for themselves that it became obvious that we needed to set up an in-house demonstration area to cope with the demand, so that's what we did!

We're pleased to announce that we've dedicated an area of our warehouse so that customers can drop in and try out the products for themselves. We're thrilled with the quality and durability of this range and we want our customers to see this too, so if you're in the area feel free to drop by and check out our Ableforge range (as well as the ever popular GIS range) which are now permanently on display at our new HQ in Bromborough, Wirral.

We already have several meetings set up with clients from around the UK and Ireland, so we're expecting the demonstration area  will be getting a lot of use over the coming weeks (not to mention the strain on the kettle and the LTM biscuit tin!) so be sure to stop by over the next few months and we'll sort you out with a cup of tea and a hoist to play with!

If you're interested in the Ableforge range, be sure to check out our pricelist HERE!

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  • David King