LTM offer solutions for a range of special applications to various industries, including ATEX, explosion and spark proof hoists.  Which could be used in hoisting applications within the Waste Water Industry, food preparation, Chemical, petrol and gas industries and any environment where safety is paramount.  

Anyone interested in our ATEX product range is encouraged to have a look at the following products or contact the sales team for more information

ATEX Hoists

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Looking for hoist spares?

GIS ATEX Hoists, Type GP/GCH-D and G series - LTM Lift Turn Move

GIS ATEX Hoists, Type GP/GCH-D and G series

Electric Chain Hoist

For Dust or Gas proof applications Lifting capacity up to 2500kg Sealed and protected to IP65 Ideal for milling, paper, paint and mining sectors etc Option for ATEX trolleys


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