LTM COVID-19 Infomation


LTM COVID-19 Information

At LTM, we are continuing to adapt to the situation regarding COVID-19, and listening to the recommendations and advice being issued by the Government and the Medical Profession.

LTM is currently operating a COVID-19 Buisness plan, so that we can continue to operate through this pandemic, service our clients without disruption where possible, and also most importantly, do our best to protect our employees and our clients as best of our ability. 

What are we doing for our team?

To assist with this this current situation, the team are wearing additional personal protective items to reduce the risk of infection, reminders to wash hand often and for at least 20 seconds, as well as implementing social distancing and will ensure all staff members who fall ill are self isolating at home, rather than being in the workplace. 

LTM has a significant amount of technology already available and in use, for remote working, as this is something as a business we provide anyway for a flexible working system. We are now using this to reduce the number of employees in the building, for those who can work remotely and effectively. 

For the moment all external sales and project visits are reviewed on a case by case basis. We will see if video calling as well as the standard correspondence by phone and email is suitable to assist with each enquiry. if a site visit is required addition risk analysis is carried out and protections in place for the attending team member from LTM, and ensuring social distancing is possible for clients and team members alike. 

For any visits to our offices this is to be arranged by appointment only, and agreed on a case by case basis. Additional steps are being taken such as: 

  • The completion of a health & safety deceleration form
  • Temperature Screening
  • Social Distancing procedures in the facility
  • Hygiene & cleaning regime for visitors and staff
  • Additional PPE requirements, such as gloves and masks.  

The health and safety of our team, and our clients is our number one priority, so in order to protect everyone, we kindly ask people to not come to our facility of: 

1) you are experiencing symptoms similar to COVID-19 (loss of taste/smell, dry persistent cough, fever) 

 2) you have been in contact with someone who is showing suspected COVID-19 symptoms or has been diagnosed with COVID-19

3) You are shielding or classified as vulnerable.  

What this means for our clients?

We are continuing to operate and can be contacted by phone on +44 151 6490467 or by email at

We have plenty of stock available to meet the many deadlines clients require, and we still have access to other stocks through our supply chain, which is continuing to operate, manufacture and deliver the equipment we need on time, to avoid delays.

If you have any requirements just let us know, we would be happy to help!

We will get through this as a society working together and will of course keep you updated if and when the situation changes.

Safe stay and look after each other!

Best Wishes

The Lift Turn Move Team