Hoist Test, Inspection and Repair Service

Did you know that LTM offer Hoist Test Inspection and Repair service to Lifting Gear Companies (Only)


We have set up a repair facility at our works in Wirral for GIS hoists for Lifting Gear Trade and Hire clients only

We can offer complete Thorough Inspections of GIS hoists or repairs to broken units.

For Thorough Inspections we offer a price of £90.00 nett, invoiced on completion of the inspection

We then charge extra labour and parts to repair at a discounted price
We hope this service will help our trade clients 

Unfortunatey we cannot carry out work on site


We have 16 staff who are knowledgeable about what we do.  All internal and external sales staff have knowledge and experience in lifting equipment and have passed LEEA courses and exams.
We have 4 fully qualified lifting gear engineers- all LEEA team carded.  We know about special equipment and problem solving.  Our engineers can also be talked to directly regarding equipment and service issues.
We are full LEEA members.
Our premises are 8000 sq. ft. in size, allowing us to stock a wide range of mechanical, electrical products & spares for next day delivery in the UK.