Buying GIS Hoist Spares Online



As one of the biggest GIS dealers in Europe, you can imagine we get a lot of calls from customers looking for us to help them identify the part they need for their hoist. We happily do this when asked, but at busier times, we might not be able to get back to you right away.  That's why we created the GIS spares online store.  

The design was the brainchild of our very own, David King. For years he's had the idea that "wouldn't it just be easier if I could see the parts list online, click on the part I want and then be able to order it online there and then?". Well yes, it would. So we asked our web development company to see what they could come up with and was born. The site has interactive part diagrams for all models of GIS GCH Electric Chain Hoists and EM Electric chain hoists, that allow you not only to see exactly what part you need using the part diagram, but order it instantly too.

Furthermore, our existing trade customers can apply for a resale account that will give them a better discount online than they will get over the phone. (The site saves us money, so we pass the savings onto you).

This is ideal when perhaps an engineer has inspected a hoist and you need parts prices after hours. So if you often buy GIS electric chain hoist spares and would like to benefit from the savings available by buying online, get in touch and ask about a reseller discount.


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  • John Jones