Neg Earth choose Limpet for Muse stadium tour


Muse have revealed that the stage set for their upcoming tour will feature an LED pyramid, dancing aliens and kung-fu! What they haven’t let on is that it will also feature four Limpet L5’s.

Having used a Limpet L5 to solve the height safety problems of Jesus Christ Superstar the week before, Lighting experts Neg Earth next challenge was to find a way of getting technicians up into the complex gantry conceived for the Muse Tour. Once again the L5 provided an answer, this time using its personnel hoisting capabilities.

For this occasion, the L5’s with their discreet matt black were bolted into position inside the truss. Where previously the lighting technicians would have had to use caving ladders to climb up into the rig, now they can hoist and lower themselves in and out of position at the touch of a button. Once the technicians are in place, the L5’s high speed retractable line gives them complete freedom of movement, while its fall prevention capabilities ensures safety at height at all times with any slips being immediately arrested

Limpet CEO, Stephen Cornwallis said “height safety and access has never been as rock n’ roll as it is with the Limpet L5. The technicians now have their very own batman style system to hoist them into the rigging.” Dan Holmes, Director at Lift Turn Move added, “The L5 is fast, reliable and now available in black. The fact that the lighting guys can clip into the L5, hoist themselves into the rigging and then keep using it as a fall prevention system without ever needing to unclip, demonstrates the fantastic versatility of Limpet systems to deal with every kind of height safety and access challenge.”

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