Limpet® Debuts on Jesus Christ Superstar by assisting Judas (Tim Minchin)


The Limpet® L5 was given the vital job of keeping Judas Iscariot safe on the opening night of Jesus Christ Superstar at the O2 Arena last week.

In this ambitious and critically acclaimed reworking of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic show, actor and comedian Tim Minchin, plays Judas Iscariot and has to climb a 15 metre high truss backstage midway through the performance. The problem? How to keep him absolutely safe, fit and ready to keep on singing after a tiring climb.

Following the debut of the L5 with Lift Turn Move at the Plasa trade show at Earls Court a week earlier, leading lighting hire company Neg Earth, knew they had a potential solution. The L5’s fall prevention capabilities meant that, even if Tim Minchin did fall off the truss, he would be instantly held by the safety line. Secondly, the Limpets’ Intelligent Climb Assist® feature would provide 90% of the effort needed to climb the truss, meaning that Tim Minchin could arrive at the upper platform fresh and ready to continue his performance.After a half day of training in London, the L5 was ready for its show debut. As expected it didn’t let anyone down!

Tim Minchin uses Limpet Technology to climb 15m truss tower on Jesus Christ Superstar

Speaking to Donny MacDonald, head rigger for the tour, he commented. “…having the climb assist and fall arrest in one unit ticks all the boxes. It means he (Tim Minchin) is not even out of breath when he gets to the top…in fact he generally has a massive grin on his face.” He went on “The Limpet is a massive step forward in climbing safety for our industry and I hope to see more of them on arena tours I am involved with in the future. The Limpet is now an integral part of the show as it tours the UK."

If you have an application that you think the Limpet would be right for or if you'd just like ot know more about this revolutionary new technology, you can contact me (Dan) at

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  • Dan Holme