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At LTM we always strive to bring our customers the best products available, but that doesn't mean that we're infallible. There is always room for improvement and sometimes all it takes is a conversation with one of our Sales Engineers to get the ball rolling, as Ritelift in London, recently discovered.

Ritelift had an Ableforge CB-II chain block as a demo product. They were pleased with the block but had some feedback regarding the design of the bottom block. Specifically, they didn't like the way that the nut and bolt protrudes on the bottom hook block, they pointed out that there is a chance the nut/bolt could get caught and shear if lifting close to something.

So our James Porter got in touch with Ableforge to discuss how to improve the design. Ableforge policy is of continuous improvement so a solution was found quickly. Through these discussions a new and improved bottom block was designed and implemented for all future Ableforge chain blocks and lever hoists in production. The new design significantly improves upon the previous design, tackling not only the issue but adding some extra features too. This new block has recesses in both ends of the bracket assembly, this means that the nut and bolt sits inside the assembly making it much safer with no chance of the nut/bolt getting caught. As an additional feature, the rivets that hold the clamp together have been swapped out in favour of a nut and bolt assembly, making it much easier to replace stretched/worn or damaged blocks than it was with the old design.

In the end we're left with a great product has been made even better. So next time you think of an improvement for an LTM product, get in touch! We love getting feedback and strive to implement it whenever and wherever possible.

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