Would you like 1, 2 or 3 pickles with that?

Would you like 1, 2 or 3 pickles with that?

No, not those kind of pickles.

We often get requests for custom kit from our customers, and more often than not, the request comes with a deadline. This was no exception, Ric, our newest addition the the LTM team (you may remember him from Summit Steel) recieved a request the other day for a triple pickle. Thats right, not one or even two, but three!

Pickles are different from controllers in that it is essentially one handset that controls more than one hoist. This can be useful if you already have power coming to the hoists and you just need a portable handset that you can take to the hoist, plug it in and run the hoist.

We don't have a triple pickle in our product range, undeterred, Ric took the request to our in-house R & D team who designed and produced the handset you see below in a matter of days. This great little bit of kit is differnt from our standard pickles in that it includes 3 toggle switches and an up/down switch so that you can control each channel individually or simultaneously.

Custom products are common place at LTM, but we like this one so much that it's going in our product range. You can see it here. This just goes to show that when companies respond to and work with customers requests, it generally works out beneficial for everyone involved.

Triple Pickle

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  • John Jones