James Porter: Heading up the Industrial Market

James Porter: Heading up the Industrial Market

Last month we announced the appointment of Dan Holme as Director of the Entertainment Division, so it only seems fair that James Porter who has been Head of the Industrial Market at LTM for a while now, gets a mention too!

As I mentioned last month, we serve two main markets at LTM: Industrial & Entertainment and James with the support of the directors at LTM has been looking after the Industrial market for some time now. James started at the company as a sales representative, primarily focused on Industrial markets having previously worked on the tools as an on-site lifting gear engineer. Over the years James has played a more pivotal role in the shaping of LTM's Industrial offering; working closely with suppliers like Haacon GmbH and GIS AG to provide solutions for our clients in the UK.

As a company, our industrial focus is to work closely with the UK lifting gear trade and provide them with products and the technical support they need for their clients requirements. James, with his combined experience of sales and technical background fits perfectly in this role and he is a pleasure to work with and is always willing to help and coming up with new ideas to improve the sales experience for customers.

One of James' recent projects was to expand the sales of electric winches at LTM. Having had prior experience working with them, he was already fully conversant with the technology so James made it known to his customers that not only can he sell them an electric winch, but he can help design and specify it for them too. Subsequently, Electric Winches have become yet another specialist knowledge area that LTM can help our customers with and sales have increased exponentially, with a special focus on the off-shore and water industries.

So towards the end of 2011, we promoted James to Head of Industrial Market, a well deserved title that reflects all the hard work he has already been doing at LTM and the greater responsibility that he now has for the running of the Industrial division at LTM.

So here's a belated but fully deserved congratulations to James. 

Keep up the good work!


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