LTM have sold the LoadGuard® hoist into permanent installations for over the last 3 years, many arenas, multi purpose venues, schools, night clubs and performance venues have benefited from installing higher integrity hoists which do not require secondary suspension systems to hold the load in the event of a failure. The hoist is modular so extra safety features can be added at a later date as future standards develop. These hoists are suitable for permanent venues or touring applications.

In addition to Standard Rigging Hoists we offer high integrity hoists and control systems for lifting loads without secondary suspension. These include equipment to the British Standard BS7906: Part 1, Category A, and BGV D8 Plus and BGV C1 German safety standards. Special hoist features such as double brakes, load sensing, encoders both incremental and absolute types and multiple limit switches can be installed into the hoists. Variable speed units and manual or computerised controllers are available to monitor safety features and drive the equipment.

Guardian Motor Controllers are manufactured at LTM to modular specifications (4, 8, and 12 way systems) and also bespoke requirements. Higher integrity control systems from many of the world's leading Controller manufacturers are available from LTM. Rigging accessories, including Crosby Shackles, ELG Roundslings, ELG Softslings and Beam Clamps are available from stock.

We stock hoists for immediate despatch together with an extensive range of spares allowing you to get hoists in working order within the shortest possible timeframe.


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