LTM Specialise in Problem Solving Hoists

LTM Specialise in Problem Solving Hoists

As the UK agent for GIS AG, the Swiss based Chain Hoist & crane manufacturer - LTM offer a range of special GIS Hoists aimed at applications where standard hoists cannot be supplied.  Amongst these are hoists for use with synchronised travel and low headroom, explosion controlled or corrosion resistant environments 
For example, the GIS Synchron is ideal for transporting long bulky loads.
The appropriate synchronous lifting of the hoist and the accurate levelling of the two load hooks assure precise positioning of the load without undesirable rotation.
Two GPS Electric Chain Hoists are supplied and are connected electrically and mechanically. There are two options, a basic hoist with a minimum of 700mm to 2999mm between hooks, or basic hoist with a minimum of 3000mm to 5000mm between hooks.  There is a maximum load capacity of 2 x 1250 kg.

This kind of hoist is used in the automobile and printing industries among other applications.
It is perfect to combine with GISKB suspended crane or travelling crane, all available from LTM.  There are options for these hoists to be supplied with trolleys for horizontal travel, frequency inverters for variable speed and also customised devices for load handling.
Anyone interested in our product range is encouraged to contact the sales team for more information
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LTM updates Guardian Controllers range with new brochures and price lists

LTM updates Guardian Controllers range with new brochures and price lists

The Guardian Controller Range is a robust automation series of controllers, designed for installation environments. The controllers are constructed in an industrial enclosure, with easy termination points for hoist connections and a hand held pendant for easy operation.

The standard range starts at 2 channels up to 12 channels in both low voltage and direct control specifcations, however customised controllers (for example with channels up to 36 ways, PLC control) are also commonly manufactured. With our expert team of control specialists, a variety of solutions can be tailored for chain hoists, winches, stage elevators and any other theatrical machinery element used in today’s modern theatrical performance.

  • Highly robust enclosure protection class IP66
  • Pendant connection point on front of panel with robust ILME connector to avoid damage 
  • Acrylic Stove Black Finish  
  • Wago push terminal connections for quick and easy termination of cables into main panel
  • Front Mounted Isolator and E-stop for easy access if required.
  • Quality and robust components from Schneider and Wago for a quality and long lasting control system
  • Schneider Safety Relay Fitted as Standard with SIL 3 capability
  • CE certifed

We have recently updated our Guardian Controller datasheets and pricelists, the datsheet can be downloaded below.

If you would like a copy of the price list please contact Alison Marshall by email:

LTM also produce a variety of customised Guardian controls, not only for chain hoist, but for motorised winches, stage elevators and a variety of other theatrical automation equipment. The controllers are designed and manfactured by our in house specialists and our experianced technical team are on hand to assist and understand the client requirements and provide a sutiable reccomendation. Our technical team also have experienced on high profle projects and consultant based construction projects to ensure the system will provide an high end and quality solution.

  • Alison Marshall


Did you know that LTM offer GIS Hoist Test, Inspection & repair?

We have set up a repair facility at our works in Wirral dedicated to all GIS Series of Electric Chain Hoists (HZ, EM, EME, GCH and GP)

This service is only available to our Lifting Gear Trade and / or Lifting Gear Hire clients

We can offer two services;
  • A Report of Thorough Examination (ROTE) of GIS Electric Chain Hoists
  • Or comprehensive repairs to damaged GIS Electric Chain Hoists
For the Report of Thorough Examination we offer a price of £90.00  + VAT, invoiced on completion of the initial inspection.
For repairs we charge an initial inspection fee of £90.00 + VAT, we then charge for any parts and extra labour required to fit and repair as necessary at a discounted price.

As the GIS UK agent we hold a comprehensive selection of parts, ensuring a quick turnaround of equipment.
As well as LEEA training, all of our inspection engineers have been to GIS for training on service and inspection of GIS equipment.
We hope this service will help our trade clients to get damaged units back in operation so that you can get them back out on hire and earning you income.

Unfortunately we cannot carry out work on site, it is based on a back to base service at out facility on the Wirral, UK.
We have sixteen staff who are knowledgeable about what we do.  All sales staff have knowledge and experience in lifting equipment and have passed LEEA courses and exams.
We have four fully qualified lifting gear engineers- all LEEA team carded.  All of our staff have completed their LEEA online refresher training.  We know about special equipment and problem solving.  Our engineers can also be talked to directly regarding equipment and service issues.
We are full LEEA members (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association).
Our premises are 8000 sq. ft. in size, allowing us to stock a wide range of mechanical and electrical products for next day delivery in the UK.


Sales Policy

From our facilities in the UK we support clients with a total package of help, advice and assistance, providing marketing, promotion, training materials, spare parts and full technical support. Our staff are friendly, helpful and part of a good team of colleagues working together.

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One of the most eagerly anticipated and high profile tours to embark on a worldwide journey in 2017 must be Ed Sheeran.  The show’s production company, Major Tom Limited has purchased LoadGuard® hoists from LTM- Lift Turn Move to fly the entire lighting, sound and AV system.  In total LTM have supplied sixty-eight x 1t and thirty-six 2t LoadGuard® motors all running at 4 metres/per min. The motor control system is Kinesys throughout and operated by Steve Bliss from LCR.


The fan shaped mothergrid was designed by Jeremy Lloyd of Wonder Works and is lifted by thirty 2t LoadGuard® hoists. Rigged within the mothergrid are fifty 1t motors from which fly the lighting trusses and AV screens including four moving lighting pods which drop down on Electric Hoists on Kinesys control during the show.  Unusually, the 1t motors remain pre-rigged within the mothergrid (1 metre deep truss from Litec) in transit between shows. 


Alongside fellow rigger Omar Franchi, Seth Cook is responsible for hanging the production at every venue.   He explains the premise behind this strategy, “The initial brief from our Production manager Chris Marsh was a touring system that can be rigged and derigged very quickly. This is what we have achieved; on the load out, 45 min after the grid lands on the ground, the truck doors are closed. We have fifty-five motors in the grid but just thirty lifting it which cuts rigging time down by half.  The LoadGuards® have proved really robust, we weren’t sure they would cope with travelling them in situ but we needn’t have worried.’


‘Of course, the great benefit of using a mothergrid means that the lighting and AV points remain identical; for a show of this complexity this sort of consistency is vital.  Once hung, the mothergrid is taken to height using tape measures to trim and is balanced on the Load Cells before lighting and video start work.  The 1t motors have encoders and they hang the complex lighting trusses and AV fixtures.  Once they are done the rig is close to thirty-eight tons.’


‘That doesn’t include the sound of course.  For the audio arrays (four hangs each for left and right) we use two 2t and eight 1t hoists a side.  The whole system works extremely well; it really is the only way to rig a show like this. Credit should rightly go to Chris Marsh (Major Tom) and Jeremy Lloyd (Wonder Works) who did an outstanding job throughout the design process and made the choice to purchase the LoadGuards®.”


Almost all the motors are hung inside the grid body in an upright position with the chain hanging straight down but for the front Crown video and lighting units another solution was required.  “Because these units were designed to cover the grid itself in show position,” explains Cook, “We needed lift above the top chord of the grid.  This was achieved by installing the motors’ body down in the grid and running the chains over a cantilever arm through a pulley system.  The lifting point is 600mm from the downstage edge of the truss.  It’s testament to the build quality of the hoists that this has been realised without any issues.  All together, we have a great system; I wouldn’t change anything.  The single fall 2t design just makes sense, no potential for twisted chain or spun hooks, why did we ever do anything different?!”


After the production concluded Spring dates in the UK, the tour decamps to the Americas until November and from there, apart from an extra date at London’s O2 moves eastwards arriving in Australia in March 2018.  “We will be using our entire system as is,” concludes Cook. “I’m extremely impressed with the LoadGuard® it’s a well engineered motor, we have been touring for months now without an issue; it is definitely my hoist of choice.”

  • Alison Marshall
LTM launch new Electric Chain Series for Industrial Environments

LTM launch new Electric Chain Series for Industrial Environments

LTM are excited to the launch the new Electric Chain Series for Industrial Environments.

Swiss electric chain hoist manufacturer GIS AG has revolutionised its GCH series with the introduction of the GP range. This is the fourth generation of the hoist and has been greeted by much fanfare in industrial sectors.

From the beginning of 2017, the construction size GCH250/500 models will be replaced by the new generation GP250/500, offering an increased lifting capacity up to 1.25 tonnes.

GP250 models offer a lifting capacity of 400kg (one fall) and 630kg (two falls); GP500 models have a lifting capacity of 800kg (one fall) and 1,250kg (two falls). As a one-fall version, GP500 can lift 800kg, up from 500kg with the GCH500, but with the same operation time and switching frequency as the previous model. Depending on the application, the customer also benefits from four times greater lifetime of the chain hoist, up to 1,600 hours (ISO M5, FEM 2m).

Erich Widmer, GIS AG sales and marketing manager, said: “After the successful introduction of the light and very handy electric chain hoist GPM with a portfolio expansion downwards, the complete series GCH is now step-by-step replaced by the GP series.

“The fourth generation of the electric chain hoist convinces with up to 60% more lifting capacity or 60% better classification compared to the previous model.”

GP (GIS polygon) series electric chain hoists are available with a one- or three-phase electrical connection as standard, and in one and two speeds with different lifting speeds. A flanged-mounted motor with external cooling sees the operating temperature reduced by 30% to 60°C.

All shaft-hub connections are built in a self-centring polygonal design, making disassembly and assembly quicker with no special tools required. This reduces service costs, while the GP series contains no sensitive electronics either. In addition, GIS AG has extended the warrant for GP series electric chain hoists to three years. 

The complete chain fall is designed with a static safety factor of at least eight (ISO M5, FEM 2m), while a case-hardened and manganese phosphated profile steel chain provides around 15% more capacity compared to the round steel chain.

A completely closed, helical geared, three-stage gear with permanent grease lubrification provides considerably quieter operation, with noise emission reduced from 75 dB to 65 dB due to this feature in the chain hoist housing, in addition to the chain wheels with five to seven pockets, and the horizontal and vertical supported chain. 

A myriad of special products are offered for customer-specific applications, including ATEX-approved and corrosion-resistant models. GIS can also meet requirements for synchronised lifting of long and bulky loads or single-handed positioning of goods. Electric chain hoists for extreme lifting heights and high lifting speeds, common in the wind power sector, are also a feature of the range. Varied specifications of the entertainment industry, such as quiet running, low dead weight and a second independent brake, can also be met. Crane systems in combination with GISKB aluminium or steel profiles are a further possibility.

Additionally, GIS GP series electric chain hoists are rated to IP65 as standard, guaranteeing protection against dust and water ingress.

A range of accessories and options are available, such as radio remote control, frequency inverter, operating data counters, safety load locking hook and special controls. Proven components from the GCH series have been maintained, such as the DC spring-loaded brake and the dry-running slipping clutch. The handheld control switch has parallel arranged push buttons, resulting in ergonomic and fatigue-free work, even during long periods of operation.

Anyone interested in our new product range is encouraged to contact the sales team for more information

  • Alison Marshall
Stuart Fraser joins LTM to focus on the Entertainment industry with the launch of the new LP Hoist

Stuart Fraser joins LTM to focus on the Entertainment industry with the launch of the new LP Hoist

LTM – Lift Turn Move Ltd has announced a new structure for the Entertainment side of the business, appointing Stuart Fraser as “Head of Entertainment Products”.  He took up his new position in March and has made a dramatic impact on the business.

Stuart brings more than ten years’ experience in the Entertainment industry, in engineering, product development and technical sales to LTM.  His focus will be on further growing the Entertainment market, as he bring a wealth of technical experience from his previous positions.  Stuart will be the face to face contact for our key accounts, offering technical advice and helping to create solutions.

John Jones commented “We are delighted to welcome Stuart as our new Head of Entertainment Products, with the experience and knowledge he brings we hope this will help serve our customers more efficiently and provide the expertise and advise needed to assist in this very complex and high pressure environment.”

John Jones goes on to say “We are hugely excited for the launch of the new hoist, which main advantage is it’s Compact frame size with high capacity to weight ratio" - perfect for stage engineers and riggers a like.” 

The new hoist offers 60% increase in lifting capacity on D8 Models in comparison to the LG50 Hoist.  The LP500/1 D8 Model can offer a lifting capacity of 800Kg in comparison to the LG50, were the lifting capacity is 500Kg.  The hoist comes with IP65 protection as standard, 3 years warranty and is extremely quiet, there is a reduced decibel reading at 1 metre from 75db to 65db.  

Anyone interested in our new product range is encouraged to contact the sales team for more information

  • Alison Marshall