Weather resistant outdoor hoists, from LoadGuard

Weather resistant outdoor hoists, from LoadGuard

Something you might not know about LoadGuard® hoists, is that they can easily be supplied for long term outdoor use.

Just recently we worked with our sales partner, Adlib Audio, to supply these weatherproof hoists to their customer P & L Sound & Lighting. These hoists have been outdoors by the sea for over 3 months throughout the summer at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre. Thanks to the weatherproofing options, the hoists have been running faultlessly in all conditions requiring no remedial actions or replacement parts.

These hoists are certified IP65 Class (Ingress Protection), which means they are totally protected against dust ingress and protected against low pressure water jets from any direction (i.e. Rain).

Take a look at some of the features of these hoists:

Galvanised Chain


The biggest threat to protecting outdoor hoists is the chain. Galvanised chain is the best protection against the elements and we can apply extra oil to the chain to protect it further.


galvanized chain

Drainage Holes

When inverted, this allows any water running down the chain collecting in the pocket wheel to pass straight through the body rather than pooling inside and causing rust/chain damage

drainage holes

Release & Over Pressure Valves

This valve acts as a barrier preventing any moisture in the air being drawn into the body. When a hoist is hot from running or from being out in the sun all day and then cools down, the pressure difference built up inside the hoist will naturally draw in air. The valve equalises this pressure, whilst preventing any moisture entering similar to Gore-Tex in outdoor clothing.

release and over pressure valves

Dipped Transformer

As an added precaution, we tropical dip the transformers, this is a waxy protection that coats the sensitive transformer completely


Weather Covers

Finally, we supply weather covers which will protect the hoist from the worst of the elements.

LoadGuard Hoist

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  • Ric Nuttall