LTM Stages LoadGuard Motor School in Arena and Convention Centre - Liverpool

LTM Stages LoadGuard Motor School in Arena and Convention Centre - Liverpool

Wirral-based Lift Turn Move Ltd (LTM) has just staged a LoadGuard Training School at the famous Liverpool Arena and Convention Centre.  16 of their clients and a few members of the ACC team travelled from all over the country to attend the LoadGuard School.  The course was extremely popular and could have been filled twice over.

It was presented by LTM’s Technical Manager Dave Ward, with Jim Marshall backing him up.  John Jones threw in a few anecdotes and stories about usage and application solutions.

ACC Liverpool was a great venue and LTM had the ability to show the attendees the grids and LoadGuard hoists that were installed into ACC Liverpool back in 2008 when the venue was opened. 

They had a chance to learn more about the LoadGuard Hoists.  Completely stripping the hoist down to its component parts, then re-building it and operating the hoist.

It was a good group and they had the chance of discussing Safe Working Periods, CE Declarations, documentation, Double Brakes and Standards.

The School provided the usual no-nonsense comprehensive overview of the LoadGuard Hoist, which has been on the market since 2008. It also familiarized attendees with the operational theory, design philosophy, safety aspects, internal workings and trouble-shooting methods involved.

It was the first time many of the attendees had been offered the chance to strip a LoadGuard hoist down to its component parts – and then re-build and operate it!  A full set of manuals and course notes were provided and eagerly devoured.

ACC Liverpool have over 100 LoadGuard Motors, they also have a huge number of crew who carry out rigging, so It’s always good for them to have formal training.

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