LTM Specialise in Problem Solving Hoists

LTM Specialise in Problem Solving Hoists
As the UK agent for GIS AG, the Swiss based Chain Hoist & crane manufacturer - LTM offer a range of special GIS Hoists aimed at applications where standard hoists cannot be supplied.  Amongst these are hoists for use with synchronised travel and low headroom, explosion controlled or corrosion resistant environments 
For example, the GIS Synchron is ideal for transporting long bulky loads.
The appropriate synchronous lifting of the hoist and the accurate levelling of the two load hooks assure precise positioning of the load without undesirable rotation.
Two GPS Electric Chain Hoists are supplied and are connected electrically and mechanically. There are two options, a basic hoist with a minimum of 700mm to 2999mm between hooks, or basic hoist with a minimum of 3000mm to 5000mm between hooks.  There is a maximum load capacity of 2 x 1250 kg.

This kind of hoist is used in the automobile and printing industries among other applications.
It is perfect to combine with GISKB suspended crane or travelling crane, all available from LTM.  There are options for these hoists to be supplied with trolleys for horizontal travel, frequency inverters for variable speed and also customised devices for load handling.
Anyone interested in our product range is encouraged to contact the sales team for more information

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  • Alison Marshall