LTM launch new Electric Chain Series for Industrial Environments

LTM launch new Electric Chain Series for Industrial Environments

LTM are excited to the launch the new Electric Chain Series for Industrial Environments.

Swiss electric chain hoist manufacturer GIS AG has revolutionised its GCH series with the introduction of the GP range. This is the fourth generation of the hoist and has been greeted by much fanfare in industrial sectors.

From the beginning of 2017, the construction size GCH250/500 models will be replaced by the new generation GP250/500, offering an increased lifting capacity up to 1.25 tonnes.

GP250 models offer a lifting capacity of 400kg (one fall) and 630kg (two falls); GP500 models have a lifting capacity of 800kg (one fall) and 1,250kg (two falls). As a one-fall version, GP500 can lift 800kg, up from 500kg with the GCH500, but with the same operation time and switching frequency as the previous model. Depending on the application, the customer also benefits from four times greater lifetime of the chain hoist, up to 1,600 hours (ISO M5, FEM 2m).

Erich Widmer, GIS AG sales and marketing manager, said: “After the successful introduction of the light and very handy electric chain hoist GPM with a portfolio expansion downwards, the complete series GCH is now step-by-step replaced by the GP series.

“The fourth generation of the electric chain hoist convinces with up to 60% more lifting capacity or 60% better classification compared to the previous model.”

GP (GIS polygon) series electric chain hoists are available with a one- or three-phase electrical connection as standard, and in one and two speeds with different lifting speeds. A flanged-mounted motor with external cooling sees the operating temperature reduced by 30% to 60°C.

All shaft-hub connections are built in a self-centring polygonal design, making disassembly and assembly quicker with no special tools required. This reduces service costs, while the GP series contains no sensitive electronics either. In addition, GIS AG has extended the warrant for GP series electric chain hoists to three years. 

The complete chain fall is designed with a static safety factor of at least eight (ISO M5, FEM 2m), while a case-hardened and manganese phosphated profile steel chain provides around 15% more capacity compared to the round steel chain.

A completely closed, helical geared, three-stage gear with permanent grease lubrification provides considerably quieter operation, with noise emission reduced from 75 dB to 65 dB due to this feature in the chain hoist housing, in addition to the chain wheels with five to seven pockets, and the horizontal and vertical supported chain. 

A myriad of special products are offered for customer-specific applications, including ATEX-approved and corrosion-resistant models. GIS can also meet requirements for synchronised lifting of long and bulky loads or single-handed positioning of goods. Electric chain hoists for extreme lifting heights and high lifting speeds, common in the wind power sector, are also a feature of the range. Varied specifications of the entertainment industry, such as quiet running, low dead weight and a second independent brake, can also be met. Crane systems in combination with GISKB aluminium or steel profiles are a further possibility.

Additionally, GIS GP series electric chain hoists are rated to IP65 as standard, guaranteeing protection against dust and water ingress.

A range of accessories and options are available, such as radio remote control, frequency inverter, operating data counters, safety load locking hook and special controls. Proven components from the GCH series have been maintained, such as the DC spring-loaded brake and the dry-running slipping clutch. The handheld control switch has parallel arranged push buttons, resulting in ergonomic and fatigue-free work, even during long periods of operation.

Anyone interested in our new product range is encouraged to contact the sales team for more information

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  • Alison Marshall