Lift Turn Move Ltd was founded in 2004, at the time there were 5 employees doing everything – having fun and getting the job done.  This set the ethos of the company, which in many ways is how it still runs today.  It is ingrained in the DNA of the company.

John Jones states “On a personal note, I want to say thank you to GIS for giving LTM this opportunity and to David King for his support.  But most importantly I would like to thank all of our staff, GIS is a family business, LTM is a small business, but you all feel like family to me.”

Dave King adds “I think nearly every one of us here in some way can thank John for giving us our first job opportunity either at LTM or at Pfaff.

In addition to the people at LTM, I can think of at least 20 or more people who work within the industry who again John gave an opportunity to and have all what I would call “proper careers” some with their own businesses. He has created a legacy to be proud of.”

David King states “In the early days of both companies, training and opportunities for professional development were a big part of what we did and over the years these opportunities seem to get bypassed for the sake of the daily business. As we go forward I would like to go back to those early days, where training and opportunity is available for all members of staff, irrespective of background or qualifications, which is what John Jones always pushed.  As staff development is the key to any business to move forward.  To use a saying from John “If you have the right attitude you can train the rest”.

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  • Alison Marshall