G-PRO EntertainmentHoist controller range hits top note

G-PRO EntertainmentHoist controller range hits top note

This article originally appreared in Lift & Hoist Magazine. A PDF copy of the article can be downloaded here.

A rack-mounted hoist controller supplied by Wirral, UK-based Lift Turn Move Limited (LTM) is receiving rave reviews from the entertainment industry.

The Guardian G-PRO fixed speed chain motor controller range is designed by experienced entertainment industry professionals, prompting positive feedback from UK and European production and staging companies, most notably from the hire sector.

White Light, of London, which specialises in entertainment equipment supply, rental and installation, has been a UK distribution outlet for the LTM entertainment-based product ranges since 2012.

White Light's rental stock is one of the largest and most diverse in the UK. An enormous range of lighting fixtures for a variety of lighting hire tasks— conventional, automated, LED— allows customers to pick products suited to their specific requirements.

You can tell a lot of thought has gone into thinking how to make it [the Guardian G- PRO] intelligent and capable yet more importantly incredibly simple to use," said Dave Isherwood, hire and technical director for White Light. "Generally the rental customers think that the units are simple and robust, especially on the tour circuit.

Specific features he points out include the extra room left at the back of the unit around the connectors to allow easy access, even when the operator is wearing gloves; the splash-proof toggle switches; and the E-stop indicator system, which communicates to the user which one has been triggered.

Isherwood added: "With self-error checking, automatic phase correcting and voltage checking as standard, a lot of the headaches usually encountered with hoist power onsite are eliminated."

Theatres and event venues continue to push the boundaries of capability for lifting and rigging equipment, yet units need to be as light, portable and durable as possible as they are frequently required to move from one performance or show to the next.

Designed by experienced and dedicated entertainment lifting professionals, the Guardian G-PRO fixed speed chain motor controller range is manufactured in a rugged enclosure and suited for use in any demanding touring environment.

The G-PRO facilitates 4, 8 or 12 channels of linkable (low voltage) control. Additionally, there is an optional load cell alarm input / link to an external E-stop loop.

Operating a rental fleet where units may go out in singles or groups, the controllers are easily linked together to create a larger system via a simple XLR cable," said Isherwood. "As they use data communication between the G- PROs, standard safety features include the fact that any E-stop can be triggered no matter where they are in the chain, plus external E-stop loops or E- stop triggers can be added for load cell monitoring products.

The Guardian G-PRO fixed speed chain motor controller range is suited to touring or fixed 19” applications but wall- mounted panels are available for fixed position use for a multitude of application types.

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