LTM LoadGuard® Motors weatherproof option make it ideal for outdoor use


Merseyside, UK, based lifting, control and rigging specialist Lift-Turn-Move (LTM) has recently supplied LoadGuard® hoists to various Worldwide Rigging companies for outdoor touring purposes in festivals such as Glastonbury and Wacken Open Air.

The LoadGuard Hoist was introduced in 2009, originally seen as a fantastic hoist for venue installs seen in venues all over the world such as Glasgow Emirates Arena and Velodrome , The ACC Liverpool Arena and The World Trade Centre, Dubai .  The reputation of the hoist has grown and customers are now realising the full benefits of the LoadGuard Hoist as a rigging Hoist for touring use.

All LoadGuard hoists have IP55 protection as standard, but this can be increased to IP65.  The hoists come complete with sealed bearings in the chain wheel area so there is little chance of rain entering the hoist. Also fitted is a drain system which consists of a short tube from the load wheel area (where water can sit after rain comes down the chain) to the exterior of the hoist. The drain system means that the water exits the hoist in the hook area. The LoadGuard Hoists can be fitted with black or galvanised chain (for outdoor use)

The LoadGuard can be modified, to make them ideal for touring purposes that include outside venues and festivals. LTM offer a Weatherproof kit as an option, this has seals on both sides of the covers, transformer dipped in varnish to seal it and a Gore-Tex valve fitted to the electrical end cover to equalise pressure inside the hoist.  This prevents water being sucked in if the hoist is under-pressured due to being hot, air is driven out as it heats, air and moisture is drawn in, this can cause more damage than rain.

LTM also specialise in Motor control.  They have a great range of rack mounted G-Pro Controllers available which are perfect for touring.

Anyone interested in our new product range is encouraged to contact our sales team for more information.

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