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Today we announced the appointment of Dan Holme as Director of the Entertainment Division, recognising the hard work that Dan has been putting in to company.

As a lifting company, we have two main markets,  Industrial & Entertainment, and as Operations Director I spend my time tending to each division in about equal amounts. So it's been really useful for us as a company to have Dan spending 100% of his time focused on the Entertainment Market. Dan has been the face to face contact for our key accounts for years now, offering technical advice and helping to create solutions and build projects, so initially Dan's title "Project Manager" was appropriate. As time has gone on, Dan's role has come to be more directly involved with the management of the Entertainment division and helping to make key decisions so this new role isn't actually too much of a change for Dan. John and I made the decision to appoint Dan Director firstly to acknowledge and thank Dan for the great work he's already doing and secondly to officially recognize this aspect of his role. 

We have every confidence that Dan will continue to help LTM improve and grown with this new role, and we just wanted to say:

Thanks Dan and Congratulations!

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